Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Here a first picture from my shooting with Georgina and Carina

Jewellry: Bijules and Namagé

More soon

Riff 170 needs your help

Most recently pioneering graffiti artist, RIFF 170, reached out to KET
assistance when he lost his apartment in the Bronx.
RIFF's family has been living in the apartment for decades but when
mother's illness sent her to live in the South with his sister; the
lost the apartment as they were not on the lease. Its been
over a month
since RIFF has been homeless and without work. He is
currently sleeping
in the streets in the Bronx.
We would very much like to see him have a home again.

The goal is to raise a total of $4,000 to assist RIFF 170 in having a
home this winter.
Any amount donated is greatly appreciated.


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