Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Adidas

This Thursday, Adidas celebrated their 60th Birthday!
To share this memorable event with Berlin, No. 74 Store sold
all of their last season s Consortium leftovers for 20,-€. What
a bargain!! No wonder the street infront of the shop was packed
already an hour and a half before the Shop even opened.

Waiting in the cold, watching people shop your shoes through the
store window, was a bummer, but since there is no such thing as
queuing in Berlin, everybody was stuffed into a big crowd, leaving
only my feet to get cold.

Photobucket Photobucket
finally inside..

A few hours later....
After lugging my prey home and
warming up a little, I left to the Birthday party, where I had some
lovely company and plastic cake waiting for me.

After all the girls in shiny leggins and high-heeled chucks went inside,
I made my way past the super-hip bouncers with the lovely adidas
originals store crew, who just dragged me along with them (Thanks guys).

Lovely Food and the best Vodka I had in years. Actually I hate Vodka,
but this one got me so nicely wasted, that I was able to push all the
stress and sadness I had been confronted with over the past few
weeks a little bit into the back of my head.
After another 2 cups I loosened up a little and the evening
started to get nice.
Lovely girls... Photobucket
More Vodka and gummibears Photobucket
More Vodka and attitude
all in all a lovely night, thanks to Sven's relaxed company
Photobucket Unfortunately Adidas was real close-fisted with their invitations,
so mainly hipsters and fashion yuppies were invited. Many real
adidas fans and sneakerheads, who represent true Berlin fashion
with some original history behind it where left out, which was
sadly noticable in the crowd.
Still the place was packed.... Photobucket
People filming pizza..

and crawling under the tables...
Photobucket At 11:30 pm I was already so hammered, that I was ready to leave home Photobucket Photobucket
© Julia Schoierer
Thanks Adidas, for helping me suppress my break-up paranoia and
giving a broken hearted girl a couple worry-free hours.

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