Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Let's start golden!
Here's an intresting auction I spotted.

The Seller writes:
"My father was a founding member of Nike. This is the first Nike shoe
ever sold in Spain. There is only one of these in existence.
The shoe was coated in 24k gold using an electrostatic process. I don't
know exactly how much gold is on the shoe, but it is heavy!
The shoe used was a Nike Roadrunner (1980).
Total package includes the shoe, mounting plate and signed letter from
my father. Google "James Moodhe" if you want further information about
the history behind it. Starting the auction at 7k, figure with the price of
gold, that's probably a good chunk of the investment by itself
(excluding the fact it is a priceless piece of Nike history!)"

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