Monday, May 9, 2011


A really unique pieces of Michael Jordan memorabilia just popped up on
ebay. These are a game worn Pair of original Nike Air Jordan 1s worn by
the man himself! They were made specifically for Michael to wear in the
second half of the 1985-86 season after he came back from a devastating
foot injury three games into the season which many at the time feared
may have ended his career.
See pictures below of MJ wearing this pair in a 1986 regular season game
against the Boston Celtics on 3/21/86 (fourth game back from injury)!
You will notice that these feature the correct sizing for the time MJ's size
13 right foot, and 13.5 left foot, as well as the "TYPS" Player Sample
coding which differentiates Jordan gamers from store models. These also
feature some additional ankle and footbridge straps along a custom Nike
orthotic insole to further protect his feet!

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