Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adidas Spezial Manchester Recap Pt I

Here the final recap of this great exhibition opening:

On October 24, 2014, the adidas SPEZIAL exhibition opened it’s doors 
in Manchester. Collectors, fans and stars like Happy Mondays frontman 
Shaun Ryder, Stone Roses bassist Mani, musician Bill Ryder Jones and 
actor/electronic artist Goldie, came to see the impressive setup. 

Curated by Gary Aspden, the presentation includes over 800 shoes from 
various collectors, spanning the late ‘60s to the advent of Boost 
Within the exhibition are areas displaying collaborations with fashion 

and musical heroes; and full runs of the fabled Equipment era. 
Additionally, there are some superb trainers found by Aspden and 
friends on a recent excursion to Argentina
Because I shot too many pictures to put in one post, part two will 
follow tomorrow

 All pictures after the jump

Adidas ZX420 Quotoole Sneaker and Book release

It was a release to remember – adidas, Quote and Peter outdid themselves 
displaying a project with lots of love for details. Well done guys, pictures 
will follow soon…

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