Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Work hard, party harder

After all that work and little sleep, we decided to go out an party last night.
Thanks to Ceyda and the guys from
the Brandery fueling us with free drinks,
what began as a tiered start turned out to be a wild evening.

© Julia Schoierer

The first exhibition day

...was real nice! After finally displaying everything, I got some time
to look at all the goodies we brought together.
I am amazed how
nicely everybody contibuted their personal interest in this beautiful
exhibition. The best of 6 very different collections merging to an
exciting overall picture!
Even the catalan president came by today
to check out our special get together and I am so proud to have
realized this project with these very cool guys.

Here is the german bunch

© Julia Schoierer

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