Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Today is revelation Day!

Today I can finally share what I have been working on for the past 2 years.

I tell you it wasn’t easy to keep my mouth shut.
Here‘s my dad in the adidas x SneakerQueen Conductor I created for my (sneaker) family and friends.

Only around 30pairs were produced and will be handed out to the people who are dearest to me and share my love for classic basketball silhouettes.
These are a symbol of gratitude for the community around me that I cherish so much and the people who where a big influence on my style and on becoming who I am today.

Since this is a family and fiends production I wanted to first present this special pair to you on the feet of my father.
I adore him and am so grateful to have him despite or maybe because he is the most conservative, stoic person I know and I am so fascinated by his energy.
When I asked him to get infront of my camera for a ‚fit pic’ (he really doesn’t like being photographed) he instantly said yes.
I love how he’s rocking these in his own style and am so lucky to have a father who puts up with all my shenanigans. I never stop learning from him and us.

This Conductor is made of premium leather combined with debossed suede (the same that was used in the adidas consortium Tabula Rasa pack) and Italian premium faux snakeskin (or armadillo scales, like my homies like to call it ;)

Obviously this execution is mostly inspired by the og white and grey Conductor, but also by the way females have been uplifting street style to a premium level for decades.
Just like I did it with my Rivalry Hi 10 years ago, I wanted to create a luxury version of an original icon with this pair.
I also wanted to include some ‘female attributes’, so the shoes are lined with a quilted grey satin inspired by a classic Chanel handbag.

Referring to the high tech performance this model symbolised when it was first released, I made the heel flex zone (that little accordion like cushion on the back of the shoes) in the color and texture of a basketball.

I am excited to hear what you all think about my work and can’t wait to gift this special collaboration to my family and friends on October 2nd @beinghunted

My adidas F&F Conductor

The release of the Collective - Court to Concrete pack has been a highlight of my year, but there is still something waiting to be revealed!

As most of you know by now, each one of us @erniepunk @tommy_triggah @defynewyork got to do our own very personal F&F shoe and I am so excited to already give a first peek and show you all I have been working on tomorrow. 

As the only woman on this curators team (apart from the wonderfully talented @tiffanycrewsss who made all of my collaboration dreams come true together with @tduffles202) I felt the urge to represent and pay tribute to the many inspirational female tastemakers, who paved the way with style and grace for women like me.

Hip Hop and so called streetwear would not be as diverse, colourful and exceptional without their contributions and genius.

Whether behind the scenes (@janettephoto@marthacoopergram @iamaprilwalker @misahylton@bevysmith @juneambrose @gr8fullgirl @kmilele@moluv4nyc @deardrewdixon ), in the spotlight (@mcdebbied@imroxanneshante @saltnpepaofficial @queenlatifah@sparkydmusic @mclyte #finesseandsynquis @djjazzyjoyce ) on the streets or even just as plain inspiration for the guys who ‚did it for the honeys‘‘.

(Black and Latino) women played a vital role in HipHop‘s style history by de- and re-constructing it, by playing with gender and class specific status symbols and by elevating style in a new context.

Please feel encouraged to comment any women you feel have contributed to the culture in the 80s to celebrate them and widen the picture!

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