Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Collectors: Weid Al Yankovic

Weird Al is a Vans head with a great collection, most of which are 
originals! He came out of the closed with his love for the brand in 
2009 for "true obsessions", a collectors portrait by CNN. Apparently 
mostly a slip-on man, the pictures also reveal some great 95's and
hi-tops in incredible 2-,3-,4-Tones and patterns! 
"The checkerboard Vans with the floral print seemed to be 
appropriately grotesque" to enhance his already wacky image, 
Yankovic says. In 2009 he states to own a 100 or so pairs, and he's 
sported them on album covers, in music videos, and on stage. 
"They're sort of like the comfort food of shoes for me"

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