Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Nike Air Jordan I metallic signed by Tinker Hatfield

Back in 2006 Tinker Hatfield and Michael came to Berlin for a press conference at the local 
I was there to see the two legends and I also had a pair of OG Jordan 1 Metallics hoping to 
get them signed by Michael afterwards.
Unfortunately Mike left the building as soon as the conference was over but Tinker stuck 
around for a chat so I had the chance to meet the legend. 
He was giving an interview infront of an installation with many classic Jordan models while 
I waited to introduce myself. 
During the interview he mentioned the first Jordan and talked about some details on the shoe. 
The Interviewer did not quite understand what he meant and so Tinker asked if anyone 
had a Jordan 1 on their feet to show.
Nobody replied so I whipped out my Vintage pair and gave it to him for further description. 
His eyes lit up as he said „wow you got the special ones“ and as he continued talking he 
signed the shoes.
As soon as he finished the interview he turned to me and asked me where I got those gems 
from. We chatted for a few minutes, even got to take a picture together before he had to 
get on to his next appointment.

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