Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Vintage vs Retro - 1985 OG Nike Terminator vs. 2022 retro Nike Terminator high

In 1985 the most popular and successful basketball college teams where equipped with their 
own colourway in Nike’s “be true to your school” campaign, except the Georgetown Stonewalls 
aka Hoyas. 
They had just won the national Championship the year before and where on top of their game 
so Nike honoured this special team with a new show inspired by the Nike Legend but in 
their team colours blue and grey. As a special make up for the team Nike added the ‘Hoyas’ 
lettering on the heel. The shoes released to the public featured Nike lettering on the heel instead.

BTW the name Hoyas stems from the term “Hoya Sexa” which translates to “what Rocks”. 
A cheer that was started from Latin students and stuck with the team. 
Over all this 2022 retro of one of my most favourite shoes could have been excellent with a 
better choice of leather and a bit more concern for original shapes, but is a good alternative 
for anyone not owning the OG in my opinion.
What do you think?

You can read up on more infos about the Hoyas in this wonderful interview with
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