Thursday, February 8, 2024

Nike OTC Meeting 2024 Part 2

I prefer not to put all the pictures I shot into one post, as I feel it is devaluing the extreme heat 
presented every year at the Nike OTC meeting.
Also I realized that many might not even know what the OTC meeting is actually about.

If you are serious about collecting vintage Nike then you probably got your hands on the Lightning 
Nike Chronicle deluxe and/or Chronicle extra at some point and realized what incredibly precious 
and meticulous works they are.

Now imagine all the collectors who are listed in them as 'Special Supporters' meet in one room and 
bring some of their grails and all of their knowledge and love to the table. 
This is what's happening once a year in Tokyo and let me tell you it's as good as you imagine it to be.

So get your tissues ready for another round of Nike vintage heat and don't forget look for the details;
Like that white tongue labe on the displayed Sky Jordans, a complete set of the beautiful AJ I 
cardboard art by Tomotatsu Gima behind a Team Convention, Dynasty and Dunk Hi Rainbow (yes, 
those Terminators are crazy), all those SMUs (+Hatu Guni's Baby Collection!) or what everyone 
has on their feet and in their hands...

There's plenty to feast your eyes on and impossible to go trough everything in detail within one 
afternoon that passes like the blink of an eye. So I shoot my heart out as soon as I realize the day 
is almost over and after 5 or so hours we all stagger out of the meeting buzzing on a vintage high.
Once everyone has packed their collectibles we always go for dinner together, so we can thoroughly 
discuss the heat of that day ;)

These customs are on Mr. Sabotage's feet.
All pictures after the jump

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